Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Why should we hire Pond Wizard to build our water garden?

  • Are ponds hard to maintain ?

  • How often should I clean the filters ?

  • Do ponds breed mosquitoes ?

  • What is a biofalls ?

  • What is a skimmer ?

  • What kind of pumps should I use ?

  • Why do I need stone and gravel in my pond ?

  • Why do I need underwater lighting ?

  • What size should I make my pond ?

  • Can I build a pond in the shade ?

  • Where should I build my pond ?

  • Should I put plants in my pond ?

  • Are water plants hard to care for ?

  • Do I need fish in my pond ?

  • How many fish should I put in my pond ?

  • Will raccoons eat my fish ?

  • Should I take my fish inside for the winter ?

  • Will a pond decrease my property value ?

  • How do I limit algae in my pond ?

  • Do I need a UV light to kill algae ?

  • What should I do with my pond in the winter ?

  • Will my pond have algae ?

    Why should we hire Pond Wizard to
    build our water garden?

    Building an ecosystem pond is a specialty.  A good landscaper isn't necessarily knowledgeable in the concept, design, or construction that makes an organic water garden work.  Over the years, the Pond Wizard has repaired or rebuilt many water gardens, many of which were originally built by well known landscape companies.  It is easier, cheaper, and much less stressful to hire the Pond Wizard and get it done right the first time.  The Pond Wizard stands behind everything we do.  Should you have a problem, we will be there to help!  Don't take chances – hire the Pond Wizard!

    Are ponds hard to maintain ?

    Ecologically-balanced water gardens let Mother Nature do the "heavy lifting."  Make sure you install a water garden that works with Mother Nature, not against her.  Top quality ecosystems include mechanical and biological filtration, lots of aquatic plants, fish, active bacteria, and plenty of rocks and gravel.  The result is no water testing, clogged filters  stagnant water, or mucky bottoms that need constant draining and cleaning!