About the Pond Wizard

Over the past 25 years, while working with several landscape companies and eventually my own, I had the opportunity to install many water gardens.  Each one was a learning experience with many problems to overcome.  It took many years to sift through the often conflicting information that was distributed by the many manufacturers of pond supplies.

Another problem was the huge selection of pond hardware.  I spent many hours in local hardware stores trying to find a way to make it all work for my clients – which meant more time shopping and less time creating naturally beautiful ponds that were easy to care for.  Eventually, I learned that the best water features create an ecosystem that helps clean and maintain itself naturally without harsh chemicals or expensive UV filters.

All of these problems would be solved with my discovery of the Aquascape Ecosystem.  Finally, a pond system that is easy to install and looks great anywhere!  Now you can benefit from my experience!  The Aquascape Ecosystem and all other products and services found here are of the highest quality around.  Pond Wizard is proud to offer them to you!

Happy Ponding,
Rex Glasgow