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Relax… and let the sound of flowing water tickle your ears!

Enhance… the beauty of your home and landscaping!

Reconnect… with the natural world around you!

There are many things to love about a natural Pond Ecosystem.  The relaxing sound of a waterfall … water plants with beautiful flowers that return every year … a flower’s reflection on the water that doubles its beauty … Playful Koi who are eager to greet you … Birds splashing in a waterfall while friendly frogs watch it all.

Instead of being surrounded by the stress of modern life, you can retreat to the privacy of your own backyard sanctuary!

Pond Wizard specializes in environmentally friendly, low maintenance water gardens, ponds, waterfalls, and landscapes.  We install beautiful water garden and landscape creations throughout Columbus and Central Ohio.

Browse through Pond Wizard’s Installation and Portfolio links to learn more about natural water gardening with ponds and waterfalls.  It’s easy to maintain a water garden, so start planning your paradise today!